Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool #9

Any time a teacher can tie an objective to a real life application, students are more likely to buy in to the activities.  By using technology, they can explore, try, fail, try again, all before turning in their finished product.  It also helps the kids who have a fear of failing in front of others.

Accountability can vary according to the classroom and the individual student.  Many can handle the blogging, saving, picture capture, etc, but others may need a hard copy of an outline to fill in.  Some may just need to show the ipad screen to the teacher for conformation.  Teachers know their students and can adjust how they make each of them accountable for their work.

I like Thinkfinity and Studyladder as sites for kids with learning issues and even my Lifeskills teachers can use some of them for their students.

I love the portablilty of the iPad for me.  I can meet kids anywhere in the building and show them college prep sites, application tools, look up majors or specific college information, without having to go back to my office and waste time. Having a visual reminder on screen is better than just a passing reminder in the hall.

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