Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool #10

Digital Citizenship is so important for kids to understand.  In this age of texting, Skype, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, kids have put themselves out there digitally for the world to see.  They do not always do it with the idea of safety and security in mind.  Cyber bullying also is a concern.  I see the importance of continually stressing the need for students to maintain personal security and privacy when engaging online with anyone.
I specifically encourage my students to carefully screen any emails from unknown sources, not to give out social security numbers, passwords, account numbers, etc while online, and to consider anything they put on a live feed as an open window into their life.  They need to learn to respect the power of technology and realize that everyone on the internet is not trustworthy.

I like the iSafe Fact Sheet for its simplicity.  I am a stickler for having my kids write down passwords and keeping them in safe places when we apply to college, for financial aid and SAT/ACT.  I want them to know the importance of privacy, so I always turn away and let them handle passwords without looking over their shoulder.  Even though they trust me,  I want them to know that no one should have that type of access, no matter how well you know them or trust them.

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