Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tool # 2

I had a similar experience using Blackboard for grad classes several years ago and really enjoyed reading the comments of others. I think sharing thoughts and ideas opens us up to greater experiences. I know it is often a huge step for some people, especially those who are such private individuals, but I think the rewards can lead to greater self-awareness. Just knowing that others in my expanding circle of NHS friends have similar interests as me(gardening & reading!)makes me glad that I was lucky enough to land here!


  1. I find that I mostly read and do little commenting. So I am trying to comment on some of the blogs I read. How is your garden it loving all this rain...huge change from last summer, thank goodness.

  2. You make a good point...but I still am shy about commenting. But let's talk about something more is your garden LOVING all this rain? Hope it continues through August!!

    1. The garden has a love/hate relationship with rain. Too much turns to mold and black spot on leaves, plus the tomatoes start to split when the sun comes out strong again! I am thrilled with the cooler temps, which allow some blooms to set again for more tomatoes. Can't believe it is still going in the middle of July!